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We are the alumni of King’s College Budo.  A co-educational boarding secondary school in Central Uganda. It was founded in 1906 by Henry Walter Weatherhead.

Address:  P O Box 7121 Kampala, Uganda
Phone:  +256 754 535340

Average number of students:  1,600
Motto:  Gakyali Mabaga (So little done, So much more to do)
Official Colours:  Red and White
Sports:  Rugby, Cricket, Football, Track and Field, Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball, Golf and Rounders
Dormitories:  3 girls' and 7 boys'

Mr Edwin Dhauke 
Old Budonian Association UK
2017 onwards
Member of the Caretaker Committee 2013-2017

England House1979 - 85
"Point to any part of the world map and a Budonian can be found. So be the best Budonian ambassador" 

The Headmaster
Mr Patrick Bakka Male

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In 1908 Henry Walter Weatherhead thought the school had come a long way in a short time but knew there was much more to be done and chose a school motto accordingly. So he invited the director of Uganda Company, Mr. Barbour, to talk to the boys. He told them about the progress of South Africa and the work of Cecil Rhodes, quoting Rhode’s famous phrase, “ So little done, so much TO DO”.

The boys were so taken by this motion that they set themselves to find the Luganda equivalent.  After a while, one of them brought to Weatherhead the proverb "Gakyali Mabaga".

The first full “Old Budonians” were 19 boys that had completed the planned three year course in 1908. By the end of 1910, there were 39 Old Budonians.

6 girls were admitted in 1933, making it the first co-educational school in Uganda. 

The school gets its name "King's" from the coronation site of the Buganda kings near which it is located, Budo bulungi - translated "beautiful grass"  from the Luganda language - hence the name King's College Budo.

The site is 19.3 km/11.99 miles from Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

More history about Budo can be found in OBA UK Committee member Nigel Barraclough's compilation of the 2007 Centenary celebrations here

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We occassionally get together for parties, fundraisers and moral support for those of us who may have lost loved ones.​​​​
We are the UK based alumnae and alumni of King's College Budo, Uganda.

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Old Budonian UK
So Little Done, Yet So Much To Do

              "Gakyali Mabaga"


Promoting what was  enshrined in the formation of King’s College, Budo
Fostering fellowship  through social, intellectual

and sporting activities
Rendering material, financial, spiritual and other support 

to the school
Providing a link between us and the school
Promoting the school motto ”GAKYALI MABAGA”

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